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Urban Iki helm aan de fiets

Discover how our bike helmets protect your child

Which bike seat fits my bicycle?

Carefree, fun times with your little one: that is important to us at Urban Iki. Do you have a mountain bike, city bike or electric bike? Discover which bike seat fits your bicycle.

What requirements should a good child bike seat meet?

We gladly tell you what requirements a good bike seat must meet. According to regulations, but also in order to have a great time. Read it now!

5 tips for a safe ride to school

Back to school! Of course you want to make those bicycle rides to school as safe as possible. That’s why Urban Iki gives you 5 useful tips to stay safe in traffic.

New school year, new backpack

The bags don’t just offer enough space for a lunch box, drinking cup and other essentials, they’re also designed to carry along the most beautiful memories – for a lifetime. Discover our new backpacks!

Bike helmet for children: mandatory or not?

Is a bicycle helmet mandatory for children, and what are other good reasons to let your child wear a helmet on the bicycle? Read it on the Urban Iki blog!

Momigara bio stoeltjes

New green choice; Momigara Bio bicycle seats

A modern design bicycle seat produced in the best possible way (for both earth and child). Read all about it!

At what age is a child allowed on a junior seat?

A junior bike seat is designed for older children who occasionally want to ride along. Wondering if they're old enough for a junior seat? We'll tell you!

What size bike helmet do I need for my child?

A good-fitting bicycle helmet for your child is essential if you want to travel safely and worry-free. This article helps you find the right helmet size!

header whats in the bag

What’s in the bag? Cycling with a toddler!

What do you always carry with you? Or what do you usually forget? Share your tips and blunders with us!

ijsje eten op de fiets Urban Iki

Go local with Urban Iki!

What is there to do in your hometown? Fill up your water bottle (and your little one's) and get ready for a summer ride with Urban Iki.

Urban Iki inaho beige front seat

Which child bike seat for what age?

This article tells you from what age your baby can be carried in a bicycle seat, and what options you have when they get bigger.