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Urban Iki front bike seat
For handlebars with limited spaceIcho Green + Bincho Black

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Discover the world together with Urban Iki front bike seats. Comfortably sitting front row, your child can enjoy a journey full of surprises with you as their perfect guide. Put your warm arms around them and tell the most beautiful stories. This makes every trip in our front bike seats special.

  • 9 mo - 3 yrs (up to 15 kg/ 93 cm)
  • For stems with little spacei
  • Includes mounting system
  • Weather-resistant in all seasons
  • Extra safe: 5-point harness
  • Easy to switch to a second bicyclei
  • TÜV tested and approved


Why choose the Urban Iki front seat in Icho Green

Discover the world with your little one from the Urban Iki bike seat in Icho Green – Bincho Black! In this stylish and comfortable front seat, you will find new favorite spots every day. You are their ultimate guide, so wrap your warm arms around them and share the most wonderful stories. With an Urban Iki front seat, every bike ride becomes a magical adventure!

What makes the Urban Iki front seat in Bincho Black unique

Our stylish Bincho Black color isn’t just an ordinary black. Inspired by Japan, where our roots are, this Bincho Black color is a unique representation. The wave-shaped pattern on the back of the front seat is also inspired by Japanese culture and traditions. The clean lines and smart functionalities reflect typical Dutch Design, making the seats perfect for all weather and traffic situations. You won’t have to worry about hard materials, and your front seat won’t stay wet if it rains.

Easy to mount

The Urban Iki MTB/ATB adapter is exactly what you need to attach your Urban Iki front seat to ahead handlebars with limited height. With this adapter, you can effortlessly combine the front seat with a windscreen. And if you’re not using a windscreen, a clean cover ensures a neat appearance. With a thickness of only 4 mm, the MTB/ATB adapter is designed for handlebars with limited mounting space in height. Combining the slim design with sturdy materials meets the highest safety standards. There’s even a specific space for cables running along the handlebar stem. Best of all, you can easily mount this adapter yourself. Check out our mounting guide page for everything you need to know. Our 5-point safety buckle is easy to open and close, and you can adjust the front seat footrests with just one hand. So, if you want to keep the bike stable with your other hand, that’s no problem at all. Watch our full instructional video here

Safety is our top priority 

You want to transport your little one as safely as possible. The front bike seats undergo testing in our own facility to meet high Japanese safety standards. The independent German institute TÜV has also tested and approved Urban Iki bike seats according to the demanding EN14344 standard. Guaranteed safety!

Specifications Urban Iki Front Seat


The Urban Iki front seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to 3 years (max. 15 kg). They can be mounted on almost any ahead handlebar with limited space. In this blog, you can read more about the specifications your bike needs to meet for mounting the front seat. The mounting materials are  included with the seat. The front seat can also be mounted on E-bikes. With an additional compact adapter or MTB/ATB adapter available as an accessory, the bike seat can be easily switched between two bikes. With this smart design, you can save money on an extra seat effortlessly!


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