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Officiële Urban Iki Brandstore
Gratis verzending vanaf € 50,-

Stylish child bike seats! Get some Iki in your life!

Dutch design and Japanese technology come together. We’d love to see your adventures with Urban Iki. Don’t forget to tag us @urban_iki or use the hashtag #urbaniki.

Urban Iki windscreen grey handlebar

The Urban Iki handlebar

Urban Iki stylingset kurumi brown

Design your own Urban Iki bike seat!

Urban Iki windscreen chigusa green helmet bincho black

From what age in a front seat?

Windscreen Icho Green

Our new colours Icho Green and Fuji Blue

5 tips for a safe ride to school

Urban Iki rear seat bincho black wave pattern

Discover the ideal bike seat

Meet the Urban Iki Junior

video Urban Iki bio mosu green urban iki

Discover your own city

Urban Iki bincho black helmet safety belt

A helmet for every little one

Shop our windscreens

Urban Iki windscreen Chigusa green rain

Bio bike seat Mosu Green

Urban Iki windscreen grey black cap

Which child bike seat for what age?

Wire lock for the front seat

Urban Iki helmet bincho black

Safe and stylish bike helmets for your child

Urban Iki helmet sakura pink

Complete your seat with smart accessories

Check out all our handy accessories!

Blog: What's in the bag?

backpack bicycle seat black

Mix and match the Urban Iki backpacks

Read about us!