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This is how you mount the Urban Iki bicycle front seat on a classic stem

Is your little one excited about sitting in front of you on the bike? Thanks to various inserts of the compact adapter, you can easily mount the Urban Iki front seat on various stems, including a narrow stem of 21 mm. Read in this mounting manual how to mount the front seat together with the Urban Iki adapter, or watch the instruction video at the bottom of the page.

This is what you need this for mounting the front seat:

Mount the front seat on a narrow stem with the following supplies:

1x Urban Iki front seat
1x Urban Iki compact adapter, including the supplied mounting tool


Our compact adapter makes mounting so easy

This Urban Iki adapter is very useful for sporty, ahead and narrow handlebars. These types of bicycle handlebars often have a short stem and therefore limited mounting space. To mount the compact adapter, you only need a stem height of 19 mm. If you have a bicycle handlebar with a diameter of 21 mm, the compact adapter is also very convenient.



Mount the Urban Iki front seat on a 21 mm stem with sufficient space in height

With the help of the following 6 steps, you can easily place the bicycle seat on your bicycle handlebar.

Step 1: Mount the footrests

Click the footrests on the bicycle seat by first raising the levers of the footrests. Slide the footrests on both sides of the bicycle seat. Hold the front seat steady and firmly tap the bottom of the footrest so that it slides over the safety tab. When the height is set correctly, push the levers down again.

Step 2: Choose the right inserts for your bike

Remove the compact adapter from the package. Look for the parts in the shape of half moons and choose the two high parts with the description ’21 mm’.

Step 3: Prepare the Urban Iki adapter for use

Open the compact adapter at two points with the Allen key. This will open the circle of the adapter. Press both half moons into the circle of the compact adapter, so that it gets the right size for your bicycle handlebar.

Step 4: Make room on your stem

Make sure your stem is at a height so that there is at least 4 cm free to place the compact adapter. If necessary, raise the bicycle handlebar slightly. Isn’t there 4 cm available? Then choose the low 21 mm inserts. You only need 19 mm in height for this.

Stap 5: Place the compact adapter on your bicycle handlebar

Now place the compact adapter on your bicycle handlebar, with the two Allen screws pointing backwards. Hold the adapter with one hand and tighten the Allen screws with the other hand using the Allen key. Check whether the compact adapter is firmly attached. This is the case when you can no longer turn the adapter left or right around the stem. Tighten if necessary.

Step 6: Place the front seat on the compact adapter

Lift the Urban Iki front seat and pull up a tab on the underside of the seat. Now click the bottom of the bicycle seat into the wide slot at the back of the compact adapter. Check whether the seat is firmly attached after you hear a ‘click’.

This is how you disassemble the Urban Iki front seat

Press the tab at the bottom of the bicycle seat upwards and slide the seat upwards out of the compact adapter. Thanks to this simple action, you can cycle around without a bicycle seat, for example, if you are alone on the road. Do you also want to disassemble the compact adapter? Then unscrew the two Allen screws on the back of the adapter until you can remove them from the handlebar.


Assembly video Urban Iki front seat on 21 mm stem

Traveling with Urban Iki

Now that the front seat is mounted on the front of your bike, it’s time for new adventures. Share your best memories together! Without the cover on the compact adapter, you can also attach a handy Urban Iki windshield to it. And how about a cool handlebar? Then your little one steers itself and shows you the way.