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How do I mount my Urban Iki rear seat with carrier mounting?

Do you want to start new cycling adventures with your little one? The manual below helps you to install your rear seat safely and quickly on your luggage carrier. If you prefer a visual guide, you can also watch the instruction video. All the necessary assembly materials are included with the purchase of your seat. Keep them at hand and just follow the easy steps to mount, use and detach your Urban Iki rear seat!

Mounting the Urban Iki rear seat with carrier mounting on your bike: 7 easy steps

Time to attach the rear seat to your own bike. For this, you’ll need the Urban Iki rear seat, the mounting frame, the Allen key and your own bike. Curious if the rear seat with carrier attachment fits your bike? In this blog, we’ll tell you all about it.

Step 1: Assembling the Urban Iki rear seat

For this, you’ll need the two leg parts, along with the Urban Iki rear seat. Slide the two leg parts together to ensure they are securely attached. Then, place the rear seat on its back, hang down the safety strap and slide the leg parts into the grooves on either side of the rear seat. Make sure you hear a ‘click’. This means the leg parts are securely attached. Done!

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Step 2: Make the mounting frame fit your luggage rack

Use the Allen key to loosen the mounting frame clamps. This allows you to move them and make the frame fit your luggage rack. Make sure to install the frame lengthwise on your luggage carrier.

Step 3: Position the mounting frame correctly on the luggage carrier

Make sure that the open part of the mounting frame is positioned exactly above the axle of your back wheel.

Tip: Take a close look at the photo next to this one, where you can see what the correct position is!

Step 4: Attach the mounting frame to your rack

Use the allen wrench to tighten the clamps of the mounting frame (clockwise). This firmly attaches the frame to the luggage carrier of your bicycle.

Step 5: Click the Urban Iki rear seat on the mounting frame

Great, the mounting frame is now firmly attached to your luggage carrier. Take the rear seat for the most important step: attaching the Urban Iki rear seat to your bike.

  1. Hold the bundle in one hand and the back of the seat in the other.
  2. Slide the seat horizontally over the frame, while making sure to keep the seat centered.
  3. Apply pressure to the top of the back and keep pushing down until you hear a ‘click’. Note: the seat is correctly attached when the red sticker above the clip is no longer visible!
  4. Check if the seat is securely attached by rocking it back and forth.
  5. Secure the seat against theft by turning and removing the key. Note: only our latest bike seats come with an integrated lock and key.

Instructie video ta–ke urban iki carrier mounting

Step 6: Secure the safety strap

Next, wrap the safety strap around the bike frame and secure it. Ensure that both buckles are on either side of the frame tube.

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Step 7: Adjust the child seat to your likings

Now that the seat is securely attached, adjust the footrests to the correct height by raising the levers at the back of the leg parts.

The shoulder straps can be set at two heights and tightened or loosened using the buckles.

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How do I detach the carrier-mounted rear seat?

You can detach the rear seat in two simple steps. This allows you to leave the seat at home when you are going out without mini-me.

Step 1: Release the Urban Iki seat and take it off your bike

Release the safety strap around your bike’s frame. With one hand, hold onto the 5-point harness of the rear seat, and with the other hand, pull the clip downwards and the disc that you feel at the bottom backwards. You remove the rear seat from the bike in one smooth motion. Easy as pie!

Watch our mounting video on how to mount an Urban Iki rear seat with carrier mounting