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How to mount the Urban Iki Junior rear seat onto your bike

At some point, your little explorer starts to cycle more and more by themselves - this is a beautiful moment and a big step in their development. Nevertheless, they still like to hop on your bike every now and then. With the Urban Iki Junior seat, they can! The rear seat can be mounted on luggage carriers between 120 and 175mm with the same mounting frame you used for your Urban Iki rear seat. Read this installation manual to learn how to install the Junior seat onto your bicycle, or watch the instructional video at the bottom of the page.

What do you need to mount the Urban Iki Junior seat?

Mount the seat on your luggage carrier with the following tools and supplies:

  • 1x Urban Iki Junior seat
  • 1x Mounting frame*
  • 1x Allen key no.5
  • 2x Junior footrests
  • 1 x Instruction manual (download here)

*You don’t need to order another mounting frame if you already have one. The mounting frame is included with the Urban Iki rear seat for children between the ages of 9 months and 6 years.

What makes mounting with the mounting frame so easy?

You can easily place the Junior bicycle seat on your bicycle using the mounting frame that you install on your luggage carrier. The frame also makes it easy to release the seat when you go out alone. Thanks to the lock, only you can remove the seat. Installing is quick and easy. So you can swiftly set off with your adventurer!


Installing the Urban Iki Junior seat

Mount the foldable Junior rear seat on your bicycle in the following easy steps:

Step 1: Mount the footrests

Click the two footrests upwards. Loosen the screws and take off the semi-circular casing.

Step 2: Attach the footrests

Mount the footrests to the rear wheel frame and place the semi-circular housing for mounting on the opposite side. Now tighten the two screws, but do not tighten them fully yet. Use the Allen key for this.

Step 3: Place the mounting frame

Loosen the screws of the mounting frame that are located on the side. Place the mounting frame on the luggage carrier.

Step 4: Position the footrests and mounting frame

Now, set the mounting frame and footrests in the desired position. Then, use the Allen key to fully tighten the bolts of the mounting frame and mounting frame.

Step 5: Place the Junior seat

Place the Junior seat by sliding it horizontally over the mounting frame. Make sure that the lock stays free. Press the front of the seat into the frame until you hear a clear ‘click’. Check if the seat can no longer move up and down. The seat is now fastened safe and secure on your bike.


Step 6: Ride away safely

When you are ready to ride away, you can place the backrest up or down. Lift the cushion to use the safety belt. If you are not using it, safely tuck it away under the seat. 

Demounting the Junior seat

Going out without your little one? Then you can easily remove the seat. Open the safety lock by entering the code and pressing the lock on both sides. Now remove the cable. Then unclip the Junior seat from the mounting frame by pulling the disc at the bottom of the seat towards you. Then slide the seat off the mounting frame.


Mounting video Urban Iki Junior

Cycling adventures with Urban Iki

Now that the Junior bicycle seat is on your bike, it’s time for new adventures! Your little one can show you the way, or can not stop talking about all the new impressions along the way. These are moments you will never forget. Upgrade your safety with a matching bicycle helmet. Also want to bring along a passenger on the front of your bike? Then take a look at our front seats.