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How to mount the Urban Iki Easyfix rear seat

With an Urban Iki Easyfix rear seat, you are ready for the most beautiful adventures with your little one without having to use tools. The Easyfix rear seat offer the comfort, safety, and style you expect from Urban Iki, with the only difference being the quick and super-easy mounting system. This allows you to easily attach the seat to the back of your bike and remove it just as easily – without any tools. Read this mounting guide to see how to mount the Easyfix rear seat or watch the video.

Why the Easyfix system is ideal

The only thing you need to do when mounting an Urban Iki Easyfix rear seat is to place the seat on your luggage rack and rotate the knob. This ensures a secure attachment that is just as reliable and safe as our other bike seats. The great thing is that the bike seats are just as easy to remove, so you can use your luggage rack for other purposes, such as carrying groceries. Thanks to an integrated lock, the child seat is protected against theft.


Mount the Easyfix rear seat in 5 simple steps on your bike:

Step 1: Assembling the Urban Iki rear seat

For this, you’ll need the two leg parts, along with the Urban Iki rear seat. Slide the two leg parts together to ensure they are securely attached. Then, place the rear seat on its back, hang down the safety strap and slide the leg parts into the grooves on either side of the rear seat. Make sure you hear a ‘click’. This means the leg parts are securely attached. Done!

beendelen in elkaar klikken achterzitje

Step 2: Place the rear seat on your luggage carrier

Now place the Easyfix rear seat on the luggage rack. Make sure that the safety strap rests on the seat. Ensure that the four clamps fit around the luggage rack. If necessary, turn the knob to the left to widen the space between the clamps.

Easyfix monteren stoel plaatsen

Step 3: Secure the bike seat by rotating the knob.

Turn the knob to the right to secure the seat to the luggage rack. Check if the seat is firmly attached by briefly moving it back and forth. The rear seat is now securely mounted on your bike. Protect your bike seat against theft by locking it with the key and removing the key.

Instructievideo Easyfix

Step 4: Secure the safety strap

Next, wrap the safety strap around the bike frame and secure it. Ensure that both buckles are on either side of the frame tube.

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Step 5: Adjust the child seat to your likings

Now that the seat is securely attached, adjust the footrests to the correct height by raising the levers at the back of the leg parts.

The shoulder straps can be set at two heights and tightened or loosened using the buckles.

Easyfix montage afstellen

How to demount the Urban Iki Easyfix rear seat

Release the safety strap. Then turn the knob on the side of the bike seat to the left to loosen it. The seat will now detach from the luggage rack.

Watch our mounting video for attaching the Easyfix rear seat



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