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How to mount our front seat with MTB/ATB adapter

Want to experience the most special moments with your little one on your mountainbike? Thanks to our MTB/ATB adapter, mounting the front seat on your favourite ride is super easy. The mounting block is specially designed for sportive bikes with a short steerer tube. It also tucks away gear or brake cables if needed. Read the instructions below to learn how to install it. Don’t want to read? Watch the instructional video at the bottom of this page.

What do you need to mount the front seat?

this is what you need to mount the front seat on your mtb in a few quick steps:

  • 1x Urban Iki front seat
  • 1x Urban Iki MTB/ATB adapter with included mounting materials tools to release the handlebar (in most cases an Allen wrench)
  • 1x Instruction manual


Why the MTB/ATB adapter is suited for a mountainbike

Do you like making adventurous rides on your mountain bike? It gets even better when your little one can join you and share these moments with you! That is why we developed the Urban Iki MTB/ATB adapter. 

A sports bike, such as a mountain bike, has a very short steerer tube, leaving little space to place a mounting block on the handlebars. That is why the MTB/ATB adapter is only 4 mm thick. You can store any cables in a special space in the mounting block.


Mount the Front Seat with MTB/ATB adapter in 6 easy steps



Step 1: Fasten the footrests

Push the levers of the footrests upwards. Slide the footrests onto the bicycle seat on both sides. Hold the bicycle seat firmly and give a firm tap on the bottom of the footrest so that it slides over the safety lug. When the correct height is set, press the levers down.

Step 2: Release the handlebar

Use an allen wrench or a similar tool to release your handlebar from the steerer tube. For more information about the right tools to use, consult your bike’s instruction manual. Then gently hang the handlebar on the gear and brake cables. Is there another ring around the tube? Remove it to create a space of 4mm in height and lay it aside. 

Step 3: slide the MTB/ATB adapter onto the steerer tube

Unpack the MTB/ATB adapter. Keep the provided tools separate for now. Hold the adapter and pull the cap above the circle upward and lay it aside. Two hooks will now appear. Position the circle over the bike’s steerer tube, with the hooks pointing forward. 

Step 4: Re-mount the handlebar on the steerer tube

If you have removed a ring, put it back on the steerer tube. Then, re-mount the handlebar and fasten it tightly.

Step 5: Fasten the MTB/ATB adapter tightly

Take the longest hexagon socket from the supplied mounting materials and slide a ring onto it. Insert the hexagon through the two hooks on the front of the adapter and slide a second ring onto the end of the hexagon. Close with a nut and tighten securely on both sides using the Allen key and wrench. Check whether the part is properly secured and tighten more if necessary. The adapter is fastened tight enough when you can no longer turn it back and forth around the stem. For a nice finish, place the cap back over the hooks. Do you also want to install an Urban Iki windshield? Then leave the cover off.

Step 6: Mount the Urban Iki front seat onto the MTB/ATB adapter

Get the Urban Iki front child seat and pull the tab at the bottom of the seat. Slide the seat onto the MTB/ATB adapter until you hear ‘click.’ Check if the seat is securely attached.

This is how you dismantle the Urban Iki front seat from the MTB/ATB adapter

Push the tab at the bottom of the Urban Iki front child bike seat and slide the seat upward.

Want to remove the complete adapter? Then, remove the cap from the adapter and set it aside. Loosen the exposed hex bolt and nut using the hex and wrench tool. Set aside the hex bolt, washers, and the tools. Next, loosen the bike’s handlebar from the steerer tube, remove the washer, and set it aside. Then, take off the MTB/ATB adapter from the handlebar stem and put the washer back in place. Finally, reattach the handlebar to the handlebar stem of your mountainbike.


Mounting video


The wind in your hair with Urban Iki

Now your little one can enjoy your rides together. The compact adapter offers the possibility to add an Urban Iki windshield later. This prevents numb hands. You place this in place of the cover. Extra nice: the Urban Iki styling set! This allows you to change the color combinations of the chair.