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How do I mount the Urban Iki windscreen on my bike?

Shield your child from the elements and add some extra style to your bike with the Urban Iki windscreen. This accessory is super easy to mount on your Urban Iki front seat. In this article, we tell you how to install it in a few simple steps. If you prefer to watch a video, watch our windshield assembly video via the button below.

What do you need to mount the windscreen?


Mount the Urban Iki windscreen onto your front seat in 2 easy steps

Just follow the easy steps below to mount the windscreen onto your front seat.

Step 1: Attach the windscreen to your bike seat

Slide the arm of the windscreen into the click system that is located on the front of the compact adapter. Push the clip of the arm down until you hear a ‘click’. Now your windscreen is firmly attached to the bicycle seat!

Step 2: Adjust the windshield to the desired position

Use the Allen wrench to adjust the windshield into the best position for your child and bicycle. There are two pivot points that can be adjusted.

How to detach the Urban Iki Windscreen

To remove the Urban Iki windscreen from your seat, push the clip of the screen arm up and slide the entire arm upwards. That’s all there is to it!


Installation video Urban Iki Windscreen