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How to mount the MIK HD rear seat

MIK HD luggage carriers are developed to easily switch accessories on your bike. Within minutes, your bicycle bags can be swapped for a child seat or another smart accessory. And if you want to travel light, you can remove all accessories just as easily. You can now experience the convenience of this system with the Urban Iki MIK HD rear seat with integrated MIK HD adapter plate. Read the installation manual to learn how to install the MIK HD rear seat or watch the video at the bottom of the page.

This is what you need to mount the MIK HD rear seat:


Why the MIK HD system is ideal

With the Urban Iki MIK HD rear seat, you decide what you are going to do at any time. Do you want to go out spontaneously with your little one? No problem, with the MIK HD seat you attach it within minutes. And if your plans change, you remove it just as easily. Thanks to an integrated lock, the child seat is protected against theft.

Step 1: Assemble the Urban Iki rear seat

Take the leg protectors and click them together by pressing them against each other in a V-shape. Move the parts downwards in a U-shape until you hear a clear ‘click’. Now slide the seat horizontally from the back of the leg section forwards until you hear a clear ‘click’ again.

Step 2: Place the rear seat on the MIK HD carrier

Put the integrated MIK HD plate at the bottom of the seat on the MIK HD luggage carrier. Make sure that at this point, the safety lock rests on the seat. Then click the seat into place, by pressing the MIK HD button on the back of the seat forward. The bicycle seat now clicks into the system. Check whether the seat is securely attached by briefly moving the backrest back and forth.

Step 3: Attach the safety lock

Set a personal code on the security lock and release it. Then place the lock’s cable around the bicycle frame and close it again.

Step 4: Adjust the rear seat to your child

Now that the seat is properly secured, adjust the footrests to the correct height by moving the mounting buttons at the back of the leg parts upwards. Move the parts up or down and press the mounting buttons back down at the correct height. 


You can tighten or loosen the foot straps using the eyelets in the straps. The shoulder straps can be adjusted using the buckles. Finally, loosen the 5-point belt by pressing and holding the buckle while you click the straps separately.

How to demount the Urban Iki MIK HD rear seat

Release the safety lock. Press the MIK HD button at the rear of the seat and continue pressing forward. The seat will now release from the MIK HD carrier.

Mounting video Urban Iki MIK HD rear seat

The most wonderful cycling adventures

Time to start your spontaneous cycling trips! If you don’t only want to switch accessories, but like to switch colours as well, you can with the Urban Iki styling set. And because we think cycling safety is just as important as having fun, we also offer Urban Iki safety helmets.

Have a great trip!