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How do I mount the Urban Iki rear seat with frame mounting?

Can’t wait to start exploring with your child on the seat behind you? The manual below tells you how to install the Urban Iki rear seat with frame mounting in a quick, simple and safe manner. If you prefer a visual guide, you can also watch our assembly video. Keep the included assembly materials at hand and learn how to assemble, install and detach your Urban Iki frame-mounted bicycle seat.

This is what you need to install your rear seat with frame mounting

  • Urban Iki rear seat
  • Luggage carrier mounting frame
  • Frame mounting bracket
  • Frame mounting block + set of screws
  • Allen wrench No. 5 (included)


How do I assemble the Urban Iki rear seat?

First, we are going to assemble the Urban Iki rear seat. Take the two leg protectors and slide them into each other until they are securely attached. Then put the rear seat on its back, let the cable dangle and slide the leg sections into the slots on either side of the rear seat. When you hear ‘click’, this means the leg protectors are firmly attached.


Easily attach the frame mounting bracket to your bicycle

Well done, your Urban Iki bicycle seat is assembled. Now we are going to attach the seat to your bicycle. Keep the following things within reach: the frame mounting bracket, frame mounting block with screws, mounting frame, Allen wrench, and of course your bicycle.

Step 1: Slide the cover off the mounting block

Push down on the tab on the mounting block and slide the cover off.

Frameblok kapje verwijderen

Step 2: Insert the bolts into the mounting block

First, place a washer around each bolt (four in total) and make sure the covers under the mounting block are closed. Then insert the bolts into the four designated holes on the top of the mounting block.

Bouten in frame montageblok

Step 3: Attach the mounting block to the frame of your bicycle

Slide the mounting block over the frame of your bicycle. The iron plate should be placed against the bolts. Place a dowel over the bolts and tighten the bolts (clockwise) with the Allen wrench.

frameblok bevestigen op de fiets

Step 4: Re-attach the mounting block cover

Slide the cover back onto the mounting block (from top to bottom) until you hear a ‘click’.  

Klepje frame montageblok terugschuiven

Stap 5: Click the frame mounting bracket into the frame mounting block

Now that the mounting block is securely attached to the frame of your bicycle, you can insert the frame bracket into the mounting block. Place the bracket in the designated holes on the backside. Please note: only when you hear a clear ‘click’, the frame mounting bracket is securely in place!

framebeugel terug in het frame montageblok

Attach the Urban Iki rear seat to the frame bracket in 6 simple steps

Now it’s time to mount the Urban Iki bicycle seat on the frame bracket. Keep the assembled rear seat, mounting frame, and Allen wrench at hand.

Step 1: Loosen the hooks of the mounting frame

Use the Allen wrench to loosen the hooks on the mounting frame. After loosening, you can slide the holders to make the mounting frame fit the frame mounting bracket. 

montagekader plaatsen op framebeugel

Step 2: Position the mounting frame of the Urban Iki bicycle seat on the frame mounting bracket

Make sure to place the mounting frame lengthwise on the frame mounting bracket. The front two hooks of the mounting frame should be positioned exactly above the axle of your back wheel.

Framebeugel positioneren

Step 3: Screw the mounting frame onto the frame mounting bracket

Use the Allen wrench to tighten the hooks (clockwise). This firmly attaches the mounting frame onto the frame mounting bracket. 

Montagekader vastdraaien

Step 4: Place the seat onto the frame mounting bracket

Good job: the mounting frame is now firmly attached to the frame mounting bracket. Get the bicycle seat for the most important step: attaching the Urban Iki bicycle seat to your bicycle.

  1. Take the bundle in one hand and place your other hand on the clip at the bottom of the rear seat.
  2. Slide the seat horizontally over the frame, and make sure to keep the seat centered.
  3. Apply pressure to the top of the back and keep pushing down until you hear a ‘click’. Note: the seat is correctly attached when the red sticker above the clip is no longer visible!
  4. Check if the seat is securely attached by shaking it back and forth.


achterstoeltje plaatsen op framebeugel

How do I detach the frame-mounted Urban Iki rear seat?

The Urban Iki bicycle seat is easy to detach. This allows you to cycle without a seat when you go out without your child.

Step 1: Take the seat from the mounting frame

Grab the bicycle seat by the buckle, press the clip downwards and slide the disc at the bottom backwards in order to remove the seat from the mounting frame. It’s that simple!

Frame achterzitje eraf halen

Step 2: Remove the frame mounting bracket from the mounting block

Press the square black cap of the frame mounting block slightly down to remove the frame mounting bracket.

framebeugel in het frame montageblok halen

Watch our video for the installation of a rear seat with frame mounting