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Mounting the bicycle seat on a adjustable stem

Going on an adventure with your little one? You can mount the Urban Iki front seat on almost any bicycle. Do you have a stem with a diameter between 25 and 28 mm? Then you can easily mount the bicycle seat on the front of your bicycle using the Urban Iki adapter. Read in this installation manual how to install the front seat, or watch the handy video at the bottom of the page.

Do you have a different size stem? View our other mounting aids:

  • Mounting aid stem ø 21 mm
  • Mounting aid stem ø 25- 28 mm (ahead handlebar)
  • Mounting aid stem MTB ATB adapter


Mounting the Urban Iki front seat: this is what you need

Collect the following materials:

1x Urban Iki front seat
1x Urban Iki compact adapter, including mounting tools



Simple mounting with the Urban Iki adapter

Thanks to the compact adapter from Urban Iki, you can mount front seats with great ease. The bicycle seat is therefore no problem for e-bikes and sporty bicycles. To place the compact adapter with the high 25-28 mm inserts, you need a stem of at least 19 mm in height. You can easily attach the front seat and possibly a windshield to the adapter! Are you not installing a windshield? Then you can finish off the compact adapter nicely with a cover.




Mounting the bicycle seat for a 25-28 mm stem in 6 steps

Step 1: Click on the footrests

Raise the footrest levers first. Slide the footrests on both sides at the correct height on the bicycle seat. Hold the bicycle seat firmly and tap the bottom of the footrest firmly so that it slides over the safety tab. When the height is set correctly, push the levers down.

Step 2: Choose the right inserts for your bike

Place the parts of the compact adapter on the table and choose two small half moons with the description ’25-28 mm’. Keep these parts separate.

25-18 Juiste inserts kiezen voor voorstoel

Step 3: Prepare the compact adapter for mounting

Open the compact adapter by loosening the two Allen screws with an Allen key. The circle is now open. You press the two half moons into the two half circles. The compact adapter now has the correct size for the stem of your bicycle.

Step 4: Make room on your stem

To place the compact adapter, you need a minimum of 19 mm stem. Slide your bicycle handlebars up if necessary.

Stap 5: Mount the compact adapter on your bicycle handlebar

Now press the compact adapter onto the stem, with the Allen screws pointing backwards. Hold tight with one hand while tightening both Allen bolts with your other hand. The adapter is secure enough if you can no longer move it back and forth. Tighten if necessary.

Step 6: Place the Urban Iki bicycle seat on the adapter

Lift the Urban Iki front seat and pull up a tab on the underside of the seat. Now click the bottom of the bicycle seat into the wide slot at the back of the compact adapter. Check whether the seat is firmly attached after you hear a ‘click’.

This is how you disassemble the Urban Iki front seat

Lift the Urban Iki front seat by pushing the tab up. You can already make bicycle rides without a bicycle seat. Do you also want to remove the compact adapter? Loosen the Allen screws at the rear and remove the adapter from the handlebar.


Assembly video Urban Iki front seat at 25-28 mm



The wind in your hair with Urban Iki

Now your little one can enjoy your rides together. The compact adapter offers the possibility to add an Urban Iki windshield later. This prevents numb hands. You place this in place of the cover. Extra nice: the Urban Iki styling set! This allows you to change the color combinations of the chair.