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How do you mount the Urban Iki foot protectors onto the Junior seat

With the cool Urban Iki Junior bike seat, your adventure can truly begin! Does your bike lack spoke protection? Then we recommend using the Junior foot protectors. You can easily attach them to the footrests. Read below to learn how this simple system works or watch the instruction video of the Urban Iki foot protectors at the bottom of the page.

This is what you need to mount the foot protectors

1x Urban Iki Junior or just the footrests
1x Urban Iki foot protectors


Mount the Urban Iki foot protectors in 5 simple steps

Follow the next steps to attach the foot protectors to the Urban Iki Junior seat.


Step 1: Prepare the footrests for mounting

Put the two footrests up. Loosen the screws and pull off the half-round casing.

Step 2: Place the footrests in the foot protectors

The Junior footrests fit exactly in the middle of the foot protectors. Slide them over each other.

Montage hulp voetbeschermers -2

Step 3: Determine the position of the foot protectors

The foot protectors should not impede the rotation of your wheel. Determine whether position 1 or 2 fits best on your bike by holding the footrests with protectors against the rear fork.

Step 4: Place the footrests

Place the footrests with foot protectors around the frame of the rear wheel and place the half-round casing for attachment behind them. Now tighten the two screws, but make sure they are not fully tightened yet so you can still adjust them to the correct height. Use the Allen key for this. Also, tighten the screws of the other footrest. Repeat the above steps for the other footrest.

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Step 5: Check

Once you’ve determined the correct height, tighten the footrests securely and check that the foot protectors do not come into contact with the wheel.

Junior voetsteunen controleren

Instruction video Urban Iki foot protectors

How the Urban Iki foot protectors make your rides even more safe

The foot protectors provide extra safety, especially for bikes without spoke or coat protection. This clever accessory makes every bike ride worry-free and safe.