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How do you mount the Urban Iki handlebar on your front seat?

Your adventure is ready to start with the cool Urban Iki handlebar! You can easily click it onto your Urban Iki front seat. Read how this simple click system works. Do you prefer to watch the instruction video? Watch the video about the mounting of the Urban Iki handlebar at the bottom of the page.

This is what you need to mount the handlebar



Mount the Urban Iki handlebar in two simple steps

Follow the next steps to attach the handlebar to the Urban Iki front seat.


Step 1: Remove the element from the front seat

Slide the upper element out of the front of the front seat by inserting a thin screwdriver under it and pull it towards you. Keep this part in case you ever want to disassemble the handlebar.

element verwijderen voorstoel stuurtje

Step 2: Slide the handlebar onto the bicycle seat

Slide the handlebar to the place where you just removed the element, by pushing until you hear a ‘click’. The handlebar is now ready for use!

Stuurtje erin klikken

This is how you disassemble the Urban Iki handlebar

Lift the seat cushion by unclipping the safety strap. You will see two allen screws. Slightly loosen it with the supplied allen key. Loosen the hexes until you can smoothly push the handlebar down. Then pull the handlebar horizontally towards you.

Tighten up the allen screws with the allen key and click the original part of the compact adapter back into the front seat. Finally, place the seat surface of the bicycle seat in the starting position and click the safety strap back on.


Instruction video Urban Iki handlebar

How the Urban Iki handlebar makes your rides even more fun

Your little one will love holding the Urban Iki handlebar while you make turns and conquer hills. This makes bike rides even more fun. Hold on tight and collect the most beautiful memories together!


Your most beautiful bike rides

Enjoy the most safe and comfortable bike rides with Urban Iki. Prevent cold hands on the handlebars and combine them with the Urban Iki windshield. You can combine the windshield well with the Urban Iki front seat in one of the trendy colours: Chigusa Green, Asahi Gold or Suiboku Grey. Are you looking for a matching children’s bicycle helmet? Choose one of the Urban Iki safety helmets. Have fun on your new adventures!

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