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Urban Iki Sitzkissen
für den Urban Iki JuniorJunior Sitzkissen

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Was macht den Urban Iki Junior Sitzkissen einzigartig

Underneath the send Junior padding there is now 2-sided velcro, this is because we don’t want you to loose the padding again. The only thing you have to do is to remove the plastic from underneath the 2 strips of 2-sided velcro and placing the Junior padding back at it’s place. (Check if the little hook is in place as well on both sides of the padding).

Let the Junior Seat rest for 24 hours, this is to let the glue dry. De day after you can get the padding of the Junior Seat and the velcro will be at the right place, so you can still use the seatbelt. We have already put the velcro stickers on the padding to be sure the other side would be on the right place on the seat as well.
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